• Self-service ticket machine TM90

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    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    TM90

    Performance Advantage

    .With lightning protection, overload protection, anti-jamming protection etc., and can work in severe condition;

    .Provide the checking function of all tickets information

    .Using the vector graphics technology, interface with strong expressiveness, the circuit diagram of software upgrade

    .Slim design appearance, succinct, high mechanical strength, fire prevention, and antistatic function etc.;

    .Printer module can guide rail out ,convenient in maintenance

    .Design of rear door service , easy management and maintenance

    Product Function

    .Provide the checking function of all tickets information

    .Provide network ticket picking , ticket checking

    .Identify insurance ticket , identification card ; UPS (optional )

    .Support bank card

    Product Mode : TM91
    Product Size: 480mm(L)*400mm(W)*1100mm(H)
    Working Voltage: DC24V
    Protection Class: IP32
    Communication Port : TCP/IP
    Cabinet thickness : 2mm cold rolled steel sheet
    Working Temperature: -25 ℃~ +60 ℃

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