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    Parking lot card reader station(CV41)

    Update: 2016/7/18      View:
    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    CV41

    Equipment Parameters

    Product Name: Parking lot card reader station

    Product Model: CV41

    Main Function: swipe the card at entrance and exit of parking lot

    Size: 630*145*1250 (D*W*H)

    Working Voltage:AC110V 60HZ/ AC220V/50HZ

    Working Temperature:-35 ℃~ +65 ℃

    Read card Distance : ≤80cm

    Car Detection: support

    Voice Prompt : optional

    Card Type: ID card , IC card

    Offline Storage Capacity: one million items of information

    Communication Side: RS232/RS458/Wiegand26 TCP/IP( optional )

    System platform: ARM7 platform

    Cabinet thickness:2mm

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