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    RFID Directional Active reader(CV61)

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    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    CV61

    Equipment Parameters

    Identify Distance : 0~150M

    Identify Speed:200km/hour

    Recognition Ability: more than 500 tag one time

    Identify Angle: Direction ( vertical 30 horizontal 30)

    Polarization: vertical polarization

    Gain: 16dBi receiving 32 magnitude adjustable , launch the level 4 adjustable

    Working Frequency Range: 2.4GHz~2.483Ghz

    Power Standard: work power for mw

    Communication Mechanism: Based on HDLC TDMA and synchronous communication mechanism

    Anti-noising: Channel isolation technology , various equipment not interference with each other

    Safety: Encryption calculation and safe authentication , prevent link detection

    Material : ABS engineering plastic , surface with back alloy cavities

    Reliability: lightning protection ,waterproof and impact

    Interface standard : RS232 RS485 Wiegand26 RJ45WIFI etc, provide software interface

    Expand the I/O : Two signal input and output ( optional )

    Power Standard : DC7.5~12V  500~1000mA

    Overall Size: 216*216*80


    Installation: Use special metal installation package

    Size: 300*300*2000(D*W*H)

    Working Voltage: DC12V/ AC110V 60HZ / AC220V 50HZ

    Working Temperature:-35 ℃~ +65℃

    Reading card distance :≤80m

    Car detection: support

    Voice Prompt : optional

    Card type: Passive RFID card

    Offline storage capacity : one million items of information

    Communication Side: RS232/RS485/Wiegand26 TCP/IP ( optional )

    System Platform: ARM7 platform


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