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    Parking Barrie Gate(BG21)

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    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    BG21
    Barrier gate (Intelligent barrier gate)
    It’s located mainly in the exit and entrance of parking lot lane. Automatically open and close by the sensor sending and receiving signals. It can be used online combined to card dispenser, card validator, Vehicle detectors, remote control and so on to provide automation, human nature and security management for parking lot.
    Function Features
    . Supporting using manual button switch and remote controller
    . Unlock automatically and raise the arm manually when power is off
    With super stable unequal speed operation movement, the parts are stamped by hardware,making the product light and greatly improve the product precision, make life longer
    . With protection of over temperature
    . With the over time protection of gate arm,effectively preventing limiting stopper breaking down
    With function of anti-hit In the process of arm falling down,effectively preventing Injuring people or things(Need to add a detector)
    . Automatically delaying falling of gate arms,when anti-hit arms falls,they will automatically close after detecting there is no vehicles or objects
    . Response to induction signal or stop sign, high safety
    Can be applied for smart parking payment system
    . Dimension: 390*340*10200(D*W*H)
    . Net weight: 55KGS
    Working voltage: DC24V/AC110V 60Hz/AC220V 50Hz
    . Power consumption: 180w or less
    . Working temperature: -25℃~+70℃
    Speed of rising and dropping: 1.2s,3s,6s(optional)
    . Rod length: 2~6m(optional)
    . Arm type: straight arm, fence arm, folding arm, arm length which is more than four meters need support rod, the height is 1.4m,fence arm which is more than four meters need support rod
    Cabinet thickness: 2mm
    . Spare parts: 1 tabletop remote controller, 2 remote controllers and 1 clutch
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