• Truck-mounted machines TM50

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    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    TM50
    Product Function
    Locate station by GPS, provide remaining stations information;
    Provide coin and bill reception;
    Support change of the coin;
    Provide receipt printing;
    Support voice guiding function;
    Support manual station adjustment and manual operation of logging;
    Provide system solutions, when system error, enable backup system for toll manual;
    Support GPRS wireless communication, the business data and relevant logging real-time uploaded to the server to be saved;
    Adopt server configuration information and the related orders;
    Humanized status light display, system running status display;
    Automatic statistics of transaction information at server and the formation of Statistics.
    Performance advantage
    The machine design is concise and easy, both practical and beautiful;
    Use button operation, fast and complete the station selecting;
    Using vector graphics technology, interface performance ability;
    Design of rear door service, modular design concept, convenient management and maintenance;
    Operation panel and disassemble because it is most of the modules available guide dragged out, maintenance is convenient;
    Light and reliable cabinets, and module cohesion point using shock processing technology, security and stability.

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