• Self-service TM61

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    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    TM61

    Performance Advantage

    • The machine adopts paintable steel and stainless steel, the streamline appearance design, practical and beautiful;
    • Touch screen operation, quick finish tickets vending;
    • Using the vector graphics technology, interface with strong expressiveness, the circuit diagram of software upgrade;
    • Design of rear door service, easily management and maintaenance;
    • Easy to disassemble operation panel, most of the modules can guide rail out, convenient in maintaenance;
    • All kinds of cabinets light and reliable, equipped with electronic ID and multiple security protection, and also give consideration to safety and accessibility.
    • Accept coins, bill notes for ticket purchase one-way ticket;
    • Offer all kinds of currency notes and coins change function;
    • Accept bank card, business card and citizen card, purchase tickets.
    • Product Model: TM61 self-service ticket vending station
    • Main Function:  Support cash and bank cards, business card and citizen card, pay for tickets function
    • Product Size: 790mm(L)*950mm(W)*1740mm(H)
    • Working Voltage: 220 V AC, 50Hz/110V AC, 60Hz
    • Communication Port: TCP/IP
    • Cabinet Thickness: 2 mm cold rolled steel sheet+2 mm stainless steel plate
    • Environmental Temperature:  -25 ℃~ +80


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