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    Self-Service Payment Machine for Pavement Parking (PM81)

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    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    PM81
    Auto pay station PM8
    PM8 auto pay station is unattended self-service payment machine, used as central payment system(POF). It supports various payment ways, such as cash,credit card and change automatically.It can replace traditional manual operation, realizing unmanned management system.
    Function Features
    . Supporting bar-code and QR code scan function
    . Can receive coins,banknotes and realize automatic change
    Supporting credit card payment
    . Thermal printing for transaction receipt, supporting integral account checking function
    . Friendly and programmable customer prompt message
    Security coin boxes with lock
    . Modularized design, convenient for on-site change and maintenance
    . Multiple alarm accesses
    Standard industrial local area network,extensible real time administration function of network
    . Supporting releasing advertisement information 
    . Multiple safety lock and security hinge
    Automatic outage protection function(UPS option),self-diagnostic function
    . Supporting RJ45 network communication
    . Technical Parameters
    Dimension: 750*500*1980(D*W*H)
    . Net weight: 165kg~185kg
    . Working voltage: DC110V
    Power consumption: 500W(normal);1200W(max) 
    . Work temperature: -35℃—+65℃ 
    . Communication mode: RJ45,optional
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