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    Exit Ticket Validator(EV51)

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    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    EV51

    Functional Features

    North America quality with 2 mmthickness of the steel plate;

    5.0 inch TFT LCD screen;

    Panel information can be customerized;

    Automatically reading ticket information and ticket recovery function;

    Automatically open barrier gate after validating tickets;

    Barrier gate opens after taking tickets;

    Friendly customer interface (LCD) and optional voice prompt module;

    With remote access function match up software to realize the remote data query and monitoring;

    Work online and offline thanks to Smart Link function;

    Easily modify time date, ticket number and parking lot information etc. with regular computer keyboard;

    Support ID/IC card system;

    Support RS485, TCP/IP communication protocol;

    Strong compatibility can directly work with most brands barrier gates, loop detector etc.

    Equipment Parameters

    Product Name: Ticket Validator

    Main Function:  Automatic validate tickets; control barrier gate;

    Product Model: EV51series

    Product Size: 500*310*1250 (D*W*H)

    Net Weight:60kg

    Power: DC12V/AC110V 60 Hz/AC220 50Hz

    Power Consumption: 13W(normal); 120W(max)

    Working Temperature:  -35 ~ +65

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