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    Card Collecting Machine(CM91)

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    • Brand:    Defero
    • Type:    CM91

    Card Collecting Machine CM9
    It is also known as special parking card collecting machine. Card collecting machine of parking lot entrance is designed to meet the requirements of parking lot self-service management system performance, so it is easy to work with ground sensor, barrier gate and tickets dispenser. It is a part of parking lot management system. The machine can collect cards, control barrier gates, record parking lot information and feedback to service terminal and so on; therefore, it is an important part of S-Parking parking lot entrance management solution. 
    Function Features
    . Monthly card for regular users includes IC,ID card, can realize the functions of time card, counting card, prepayment card, mother-son card (one vehicle with several cards) and so on. Reading cards in and out of the parking lot, one vehicle one card, convenient, fast and safe
    Setting free parking time, collecting cards within free parking time and the barrier gate opens automatically
    . Setting cards collecting and swallowing time voluntarily( The card automatically be swallowed if not be taken over the swallowing time)
    . Automatically show the card collection machine and send users prompt
    Supporting LCD or LED display, provide detailed operating information and system information
    . Supporting a variety types of charging standards
    . Optional voice prompts
    Supporting offline work mode, saving off-line data and sending back data to server when system is on-line again
    . Supporting detecting illegal cars, avoiding the vehicles in and out without reading card or taking tickets to prevent management mistakes
    . Anti-interference, lightning protection, excellent waterproof design
    Modularized configuration structure is adaptable for various installation environments
    . Technical parameters
    . Dimension:500*310*1250(D*W*H)
    Net weight:60KGS
    . Working voltage: DC24V/AC110V 60Hz/AC220V 50Hz
    . Power consumption: 30W(normal);120W(max)
    Working temperature: -35℃~+65℃
    . Reading distance: 10 cm or less
    . Vehicle detection: Support
    Voice prompts: Optional
    . Card type: IC
    . Off-line storage capacity: million messages 
    Communication interface: RS232/RS485/Wiegand 26
    . System platform: ARM7
    . Cabinet thickness:2mm

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