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    Provide perfect service from from consulting to the pre-sale, sale, after-sale.Besides in order to better serve our customer,outsourcing service is offered,that means customers only need to provide regular equipment Fund, we regularly settle accounts with users.


    Quality assurance

    We guarantee the products related are all the original packaging, also product technology documents (including product list, product manual, certificate and instructions).

    Technical Training

    We provide training of the operation and maintenance of the equipment as well as signing after service agreement to protect the interests of customers.

    Warranty Period

    All products of our company, together with accessories,we here provide 1 year free maintenance warranty as well as lifetime technical support and repair services.

    Response Time

    We are committed to reach the repair site and start checking and repairing within the prescribed time. If under special circumstances can not be repaired temporarily, our company will provide free spare parts for customers.

    Service hours

    We adhere to provide service seven days a week, working around the clock 24 hours a day.

    24 hours service hotline:400-110-2388

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