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    Defero at the 2016 Shanghai international intelligence industry exhibition

    2016/7/22      view:

    On July 13 to 15, 2016, the fourth session of the Shanghai international exhibition intelligence industry (hereinafter referred to as "wise exhibition") was held in Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center .As business automation industry's leading - Defero technology also appeared in the whole intellectual, shows the AFC self-service system and the cloud of intelligent parking lot management aspects of the new technology and new products, won the wide attention.

    Defero Technology  through the live demonstration of science and technology, interactive experience and other forms, the self-service system and the intelligent parking management system of human-computer interaction, the cloud management and a series of new ideas new features to the site, fully presented to visitors "Internet + passenger traffic", "Internet + parking" brings a new experience.

    In addition, Defero technology mainly shows the overall cloud upgraded TM90 fully functional series of self-help to sell the tickets and streaming video license plate recognition technology, become a major highlight of this exhibition .Based on own strict requirements for technical progress and make unremitting efforts, The self-service system showed by Defero technology in this exhibition is more  primacy ,compared to other businesses, we with the leading products, dedicated service and professional solutions, won numerous praise.

    In this Wise Exhibition, Defero technology received clients more than 2000 people, including 58 potential customers and intention clients, And have being done good propaganda in order to further enhance the company brand visibility and influence , perfect to achieve the goal. In the future, Defero technology will, as always, adhere to the innovative development ideas, more and more advanced self-service system and intelligent equipment management system, rapidly develop in constant innovation power business automation and parking industry.( Information resource:Defero planning department)

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